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Research and analysis.

We believe that the basis of any change should be knowledge, on the basis of which we will make better, more effective decisions. We provide insights that change the perspective and we are looking for answers to the question why and the collected data help to transform into a clear vision of action.

Business models.

The emergence of new products and services determines the adaptation of existing organizations to new conditions, establishing new partnerships and transforming structures that have worked so far. We will develop a model for a new venture or optimize the existing one.

Products and services.

In an ever-changing, competitive environment, consumers and business partners expect more from us every day. We build design processes and design solutions that meet these expectations and provide a competitive advantage.

Sales and Marketing.

The core of any business, a source of distinction and a driving force at the same time. Acquiring new customers and penetrating markets is the greatest challenge in running a business. We use the knowledge and many years of experience gained in various sectors to generate maximum income for you.



Strategy development

Start with a vision of the end is one of the key habits of effective managers. We help to develop a strategy for both start-ups and enterprises from the SME sector, we create and update business models and write business plans for potential investors

Negotiations with partners

Relationships with suppliers are as important as negotiated commercial terms, because they translate into the stability of our company. We represent our clients in purchasing processes.

Project management

Projects differ from operations by being non-repeatable and having a higher degree of risk. Take advantage of our experience in managing projects that change the face of the organization.

5p marketing

The shift from the production-focused model to the customer-centric one forced companies to implement modern marketing management. We implement effective activities covering all areas of marketing mix: product, place, price, promotion, people

Sale brokerage

We help directly increase sales by entering new markets, introducing new products and intensifying the existing current activities while reducing operating costs


Our mission

Supporting entrepreneurs in building a stable, better future is our mission. We want to have an impact on the world around us and we are aware that our actions affect our surroundings and the environment. Today, although some may find it hard to believe, we live in the best possible times. Every day, countless great projects and new ventures are created, which is both an opportunity and a certain threat. Companies that stand still today, tomorrow will be far behind the competition, which is why we implement our mission by sharing knowledge and taking over some operational tasks from entrepreneurs so that their organizations can function as well as possible and constantly develop.

Michal Drozdz - director



Core values


The recognition and taking of
ownership when the situation calls for it. Organizations have a responsibility to those that keep their doors open by following through with any promises made.


Sincere, truthful, and right. Companies that value honesty never try to skirt the truth,
whether it be in owning a past mistake or in recognizing and embracing an unavoidable
shift in the industry.


A willingness to embrace new information or ideas and change as a result of their validity and relevance. This value does not clash with other values – such as committed or disciplined – if the openness does not detract from your organization’s mission and


Having influence or an effect on your industry, customer base, and employees. Company that want to make an impact know the ramifications of their work, and take a methodical but unwavering approach towards making a difference with positive results.


Handling workplace situations with respect, class, and high standards. Professionalism means shirking away from a casual approach to doing business and showing your stakeholders that customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance.


Guiding your organization and its customers, employees, and sector. The product of
leadership is relationship, and leadership can be seen in so many ways – from being a
market leader with an unmatched product, or being committed to leading employees.


Always trying to better oneself. Companies that place an emphasis on improvement
recognize there’s nowhere to go but up – for the sake of employees, customers, and



Lex Future Ltd


established in 2015, ‘Lex Future’ supports entrepreneurs in building a stable, better future.

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